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Niezenjyu ([personal profile] niezenjyu) wrote2017-01-26 03:01 pm
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Bucket list!

Hm~ I totally have no idea what to write here. Let's list down what I intend to do with this account instead.
  • On one fine day, I decided to make this account
  • Walaupun saya rasa saya sudah punya kebanyakan akun.
  • でも、目的があるんだ。
  • j'écris! (lol)
  • 我将尽我所能 (totally google translate XD)
  • for (var i=0; i<me.length;i++){me+=learn[i]; return me;}
There's really no fixed structure to this. I'll probably post whatever above whenever. I just need something that can keep track of my progress on all of the above. 

Let's do this!