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21 April 2017 08:40 pm
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So...I'm back. With a new purpose.

Seeing how dedicated I get with my Tumblr (I started approx Feb 2nd. 2 months, almost 3 months (60-120 days) have passed since then, and I have 190 posts as of now), I want to apply this formula to my daily life as well. Unfortunately...Easier said then done.

This journal is public. I might even put this link somewhat discreetly on my tumblr.
The reason for this is because I want to be pressurized to account for someone, for the audience. If I know at least one person may be reading this, then I have a reason to keep up the content on this journal.

Here everyday, I'll post an update on what I've accomplished for the day. No watching vids all day doesn't count. I'll only allow myself to post about these things:
  • Français (write several sentences in it, or some grammar rules I've learnt for the day)
  • CodA (any form of progress)
  • News (legit news, or Quora news. Leave the rest to tumblr)
  • MV progress
And so I shall begin today.

For MV, around 48s mark. Out of 2 mins plus. This is gonna be one hell of a project XD (less than the original Mamiya idea though. That would've killed me)

J'apprend un peu français aujourd'hui. C'est tout XD Je ne faire pas du sport aussi. Je n'apprend pas codA du tout. C'est une journée 'comme ci comme ça' (lol)
Demain est samedi. J'ai une téléphone réunion(?) avec le requin-san.
Le requin-san est mon amie, mon amie le mieux? :D
C'est tout. Fin XD

I didn't read any news. Recent happenings include the 2nd coming of Trump vs Hillary, and...yeah.

I didn't do any codA. That's why I started this.

I'm kinda annoyed by how annoying formatting is here, but I think that's not what I should be obsessing about. So goodnight~


22 April 2017 07:47 pm
niezenjyu: (mamiya)
  • In previous update, I said MV progress was 48s out of 2.22m. A total mistake. NOW it's 48s.
  • Python Class done.
  • I did 1 hr exercise after weeks, or months.
  • Je suis dans le prison? XD C'est tous.
There shall be a time when I need this. Eventually.

How to TYPE accents:

ç: option + c
é: option+e, and then e
âîûêô: option+i and then a/i/u/e/o
ëïü: option+u and then e/i/u
œ: option + q
æ: option+ the quotation button (")
àèù: option + the key with (~)

Now then, it has been 2 months since I've started learning French. Let's see how much I can write on my own!


Je m'appelle est Niezenjyu!
Comment ça va?
J'aime le thé et le café <3
Mon préféré animal est le cheval (I googled that 'préféré)
à demain!


Hm~ I totally have no idea what to write here. Let's list down what I intend to do with this account instead.
  • On one fine day, I decided to make this account
  • Walaupun saya rasa saya sudah punya kebanyakan akun.
  • でも、目的があるんだ。
  • j'écris! (lol)
  • 我将尽我所能 (totally google translate XD)
  • for (var i=0; i<me.length;i++){me+=learn[i]; return me;}
There's really no fixed structure to this. I'll probably post whatever above whenever. I just need something that can keep track of my progress on all of the above. 

Let's do this!


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